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COVID 19 February 2021 Update

We are increasing the online offering for February as the UK is set so stay in full Lockdown for the time being. We have added a Tuesday lunchtime Yoga-Lattes, a Thurs 7am Hiit class and Amy returns to delight our screen from her kitchen in South Wales every Monday night at 7pm with a free class. We are offering a FIRST CLASS FREE in nearly all the classes so why not try something new and let us help you keeping moving and connected with friends from around the world. Once you have booked please share that booking on your socials (it asks if you want to do that) - it's a really cool way to spread the word and we would absolutely love to meet your friends at class and get them moving too.

Here's the list of classes for February:


9am Body Conditioning - Zoom 

10.30am Zumba - Zoom

12.30pm Seated Exercise - Zoom - Do you have anyone older or shielding that you are worried about? This class is an exercise class but it's also a regular chit chat and really helps combat the loneliness of Lockdown.

6pm Body Conditioning - Zoom

7pm Zumba - Zoom *New for 2021


12pm Yoga-Lattes - Zoom *New for Feb

6.30pm Zumba - Zoom

8pm Yoga-Lattes - Zoom


6pm Zumba - Zoom

7.05pm Zumba Toning - Zoom

8.05pm Fitness Pilates - Zoom


7am Hiit - Zoom *New for February

9.30am Zumba - Zoom

11am Fitness Pilates - Zoom

12.30pm Zumba Gold - Zoom

6.45pm Zumba - Zoom


9.30am Yoga-Lattes - Zoom

1.30pm Zumba Gold - Zoom


10am Zumba - Zoom

Every Saturday until the end of April we are hosting National and International presenters for various Masterclasses like Zumba, Bolly Bhanggra, Boxing, Strong Nation and Yoga Workshops. Please click on book a class to see what we are doing! Suitable for all ages and all abilities. 










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