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What is Insanity?

Insanity is a series of basic exercises completed in 30 seconds sections in groups of 4 exercises with a 30 sec rest period. Many of the exercises are of a high intensity which creates the opportunity to get really fit really quickly when adding this class into your weekly programme.


Class format:

  • 10 minute warmup to increase the heart rate and get your muscles warm and ready.
  • Plyometric & endurance - jump training where muscles exert maximum force for a short amount of time
  • Strength & Balance - exercises that increase strength and work on balance
  • Agility & coordination - fast moving exercises that train for agility
  • 8 minutes of functional core followed by a long stretch.


Who is the class for?

Classes are for everyone - no matter who fit you are. You can always rest and join in again later. I believe the classes are much better than the home dvd;s because you can do classes with your friends plus the format is more varied in the class and you get more of your body trained in each class than you would if you chose one type of workout at home.



There is only 52 minutes of music and 8 of those minutes are stretching, the 46 minutes of working out are the best 46 minutes of high intensity exercises you'll do all week!


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Aftermany many requests from David Lloyd members and the Zumba Thornbury Masterclass crew we have managed to secure another visit from this spectacular international presenter!

He will be keen to showcase his new choreography he has prepared for his 2 day International event in Bulgaria called The Blue Rocks - we are very excited to be getting to dance these new choreos before anyone else!

David Lloyd members can enjoy a reduced price ticket by order of the management as long as they are booked before October 5th. After that the prices are the same for members or non members. Everyone over the age of 14 is welcome - we are very excited to be able to have this talented chap back.

There is a table booked for 50 people for the 'After Party" at the Cuban. Boris will be our guest Saturday night and we wanted to feed him and have him enjoy and evening of amazing music and where better than at The Cuban?! Details to follow for that one.........

Masterclass and Cuban Social event both available to book right now! Please click on 'book a class' and secure your spot today as tickets are selling fast!