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Zumba Gold, Yoga-Lattes classes in
Thornbury and Severn Beach. 

And now 'STRONG by Zumba' too!

What is Zumba Gold?

Zumba Gold is a lower impact, easy to follow Latin inspired dance workout. It incorporates all our favourite zumba dance moves but at a slower more controlled pace, whilst still having the party atmosphere of a regular zumba class.



Who is it for?

Zumba Gold promotes flexibility, strength, stamina, mental ability and happiness, making it the perfect program for people who are bouncing back from injury or surgery, the older active adult that would like to keep moving and for the beginner that's new to exercise.



The class is 50 minutes long and includes a longer warm up and cool down than a regular zumba class. The moves focus on improving balance, flexibility and strength whilst raising the heart rate and improving cardiovascular ability.


Come and join the party! It's a great place to meet people, make friends and have fun x

Thurs 12.30pm Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre (pay as you go or use Active membership)

Friday 1.30pm Thornbury Leisure Centre (pay as you go or use active membership)

Tues 10am Severn Beach Village Hall £5


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Natasha, Sam & Louise are absolutely over the moon to be hosting a Masterclass with Dovydas at the Greenway Centre 2-4pm on May 11th 2019.

We travel the country to attend his classes, we hosted him with Bernie last year, and now we get to have him again this time with special guest ZJ Katerina.
We are so excited and cannot wait for this one - we hope you can join us.

Bring cash to class or buy online. Limited spaces only so please buy your ticket asap - just click 'book a class' on this page to book.