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Who is Zumba for?

Zumba is suitable for everyone - all ages and abilities - who wants to ditch the workout and join the party!! Zumba ® fuses specially choreographed fun, easy-to-follow, routines to music from all around the world to create a unique fitness class that will have you smiling, dancing, wiggling, shimmying and burning between 500 to 800 calories per class.

What will Zumba ® do for me?

  • Burn between 500-800 calories per class

  • Tone, shape and sculpt your whole body

  • Provide a party atmosphere for you and your friends

  • Improve heart and lung function

  • Good for the mind, as well as the body

Describe a typical Zumba ® class

Zumba ® classes start with a warm up of 2-3 songs designed to mobilise the joints, warm the muscles and get the heart and lungs going. Included in the warm up is a toning song. Then we get the party started and do 6-9 songs of follow-the-teacher choreography. We teach Beto's original choreography in some songs and a few we choreograph ourselves so if you have bought the DVD package from the shopping channel you'll know a few of the songs already!! We always finish this fun class with a cooldown and stretch.


How much does it cost?

Our Zumba classes cost £5 per session for in person classes, £4 online.


What do I need to bring?

Please wear comfortable flat shoes suitable for dancing, trainers or running shoes are not always recommended as they can restrict sideways dance style moves. Having said that Natasha wears trainers as they are the best for her feet so just be aware you may need to experiment with footwear. You'll need to bring water and sip regularly throughout the workout. And finally - wear loose clothing.

Natasha will be selling a selection of Zumba® clothing with the Zumba Thornbury logo on the front but you can order anything from the website through any teacher and receive 15% off the website price so please have a browse in the shop at and email your order to 


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